Keeping us Uniquely Cedar Park

Many things have changed in Cedar Park in 20 years, but some things have remained the same-the city continues to be a safe, family friendly and affordable community.


Cedar Park represents some of the best qualities offered in our great state:  exemplary schools, safe neighborhoods, dedicated Public Safety Professionals, a strong business community, countless entrepreneurs, beautiful parks and trails, and new opportunities.

Cedar Park has been committed to creating spaces and venues that are unique to our area.  The Council has worked together, actively listened to ideas and considered the feedback from local residents, to ensure we are moving in the right direction to grow responsibly.

With growth, comes Challenges, I have the experience and commitment to see us through the many broad decisions the City and Council face, in the coming years.


  • Proposed and passed first major Transit study in 9 years

  • Fought LCRA in putting a high-power transmission line next to Caballo Ranch on Parmer Lane

  • Approved funding for ongoing hike and bike trail improvements

  • Approved funding for ongoing sidewalk gap project and corridor overlay improvements

  • Participated in selection process for Destination Bell Blvd. Master Developer

  • Implemented City’s first-ever Citywide Homestead exemption

  • Approved funding for procurement of Public Art pieces

  • Approved designs and funding for statues commemorating Public Safety Memorial, Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm

  • Authorized the purchase to 70 additional acres of Parkland, to bring Lakeline Park to 200 acres, ensuring it will be a Premier Regional Park

  • Moved forward with takedown of Bond funding to proceed with planning of Lakeline Park

  • Authorized Economic Development agreement, bringing 100s of new jobs in Cedar Park with Hyliion

  • Finished expansions/improvements of Anderson Mill and New Hope Roads

  • Started and Participated in our first-ever, open question Council Town Halls​

  • Collaborated on efforts to bring United States Tennis Association Perfomance Center to Cedar Park

  • Approved funding for Cedar Park Police Department (CPPD) expansion

  • Approved funding for construction and staffing for Fire Station #5

  • Advocated for and approved funding for installation of a traffic light at Lakeline & Cougar Country

  • Increased Cost of Living Adjustment and reinstated Retirement Healthcare benefits for Police, Fire, and City Employees

  • Brought a ballot measure to the voters to create long-awaited drainage improvements to protect our homes

  • Passed new police contract, improving everything from managing reports and supervision to promotion procedures, all while keeping our officers’ pay and benefits competitive