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The Issues At Hand

A LEO wife, Registered Nurse & Mother committed to Safety and Responsible Growth

As a lifelong leader in the Military, Healthcare, and Community, I have gained the skills needed of a City Council Member. It takes collaboration, listening, working together, respectful communication and compromise. My Leadership focus has always been about serving others and putting people first. During my past 4 years on City Council, I’ve held office hours, attended community events, volunteered for not profits, graduated Leadership Cedar Park, and promoted the outstanding contributions of our citizens, Fire and Police, and remained focused on keeping Cedar Park a thriving city. It is my privilege to serve and represent all citizens of Cedar Park.

“In life there is no guarantee. As a Public Servant, it is my duty to ensure we do all we can to ensure safety for our Citizens and those who Serve and Protect.”

I will have discussions, ask difficult questions, and challenge ideas. I will ensure we are always evaluating the demands on our roads, public safety, drainage, and finances.  As a 3 year Board Member, and immediate past Chair of our regional water utility, BCRUA, I am active in the efforts to secure our water capacity for years to come.  It is important for us to attract the right type of growth. Most importantly, good paying jobs.  When we attract employers, because of Class A office space, this assists us in keeping property taxes low. For our fiscal health, we need to have a diverse tax base. Therefore, I will carefully review the proposals brought to us. I have been diligent in this process during my time on council. 

Traffic and mobility are issues for our Region. In addition to commuting into neighboring areas, population growth is impacting travel around the city. We have focused efforts on timing the lights properly and road enhancements. Being landlocked, developable land is at a premium.  We need to consider new options for housing and commercial development. Rising property taxes is an issue. I voted for the past 4 years to lower the tax rate and to put in a Homestead exemption.DU During my time on council, we have defeased-paid off-$10 million dollars worth of debt.

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